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Our cover letters are designed for professionals in any industry.

Cover Letters

A cover letter is the best way to make a personal appeal to grab the recruiter's attention.

Simply click the option below, and begin filling out our forms. Just enter your information and the staff will craft a personalized cover letter based on your needs and the conditions of your job-search. This process takes about 10 minutes. We can have the cover letter back to you within 24 hours!

The best part is, these cover letters are completely reusable! We carefully craft the important writing in the body of the letter. We sell your strengths and your accomplishments in a professional, convincing way. But the aspects of the letter that change each time you send off a new resume—the company address, the name of the position, how you heard of the position, etc.—are left in a convenient template format for you to fill in as needed. The cover letters we write are so versatile, you may never need a new cover letter again! You can simply use ours over and over for years!

Professional Cover Letter — $90.00

Free consultation with a professional, experienced resume writer skilled in your industry or discipline. You will have direct, one-on-one interaction and contact with your writer throughout the entire writing process.

The writer will produce a professional-quality, highly customizable cover letter.

The writer will work with you until you have a final draft you are satisfied with.

The finished resume will be emailed to you as a file attachment within 3 business days. All you have to do is fill out the form. We do the rest. BBB Business Review